Издательство Pinaway
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Дата издания 15.08.2023
Количество страниц 112
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2 700 RUB Reinventing Your Continuing Professional Development Journey
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This book contains 30 activities for your CPD in ELT. Expect to see those abbreviations a lot! They stand for Continuing Professional Development in English Language Teaching. Our aim is to share the tips and techniques that we, the authors, personally use to boost our professional development.

From business strategies to book club questions and ice-breaker ideas, this book is a how-to for doing CPD in a gentle yet effective way. Inside, you will find tips on making the most of classroom observation, finding a topic for your conference presentation, interacting with colleagues from other schools, talking to the parents of your learners, and much more.

We really want you to be even better teachers and to enjoy the full benefits of continuous professional development. This book is for every teacher who wants to give their learners the best language learning experience possible.