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Дата издания 27.08.2018
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7 500 RUB Understanding Teenagers in the ELT Classroom
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-About the author
1. A closer look at classes, teachers and students
2. Planning lessons with teenagers
3. Classroom micromechanics
4. Task design and instructions
5. Group dynamics and order
6. Affect: speaking positively to our students with care
7. Logistical questions: homework, L1 and seating
8. Tidy learning, messy learning and simple clutter
9. Autonomy and student-fronted classes
10. Teenagers and technology
11. Differentiation
12. Repetition, assimilation, memorisation
13. Remembering irregular verbs
14. Movement and space
15. Getting them talking
16. Listening and reading
17. Grammar and writing
18. Using video clips in the classroom
19. Personalisation
20. Testing, exams and report writing
21. Techniques for teaching low-level teens
22. Awareness and reasoning with teenagers
23. Control of the class
24. Classroom management strategies
-Why teach teens?