Hugh Dellar в Новосибирске

05 февраля 2018 Мероприятия
бесплатный семинар от автора NGL
05 февраля, 11:00
Длительность 4 часа 40 минут
Статус: завершено
Место проведения: Новосибирск СГУВТ
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National Geographic — Learning
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03 февраля 2018 года
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Программа семинара:

  • 11 00 – 12 00 регистрация участников, книжная выставка, автограф сессия (приносите свои книги авторства нашего гостя или приобретайте на книжной выставке)
  • 12 00 – 13 15 Хью Деллар PERSPECTIVES: using TED talks to give teenage learners a voice of their own
  • 13 00 – 13 45 книжная выставка, автограф сессия
  • 13 45 – 15 00 Хью Деллар Getting the most from student speaking
  • 15 00 – 15 30 книжная выставка, feedback

PERSPECTIVES: using TED talks to give teenage learners a voice of their own

In this talk, we explore the many benefits of working with TED talks in the teenage classroom and look both at ways of integrating these talks into classroom material, and how the themes of the talks can inform the content of the surrounding pages in any given unit. We’ll look at how a thorough exploration of these linked topics can unlock a wealth of useful language, allow space for learners to develop their own perspectives – in English, and encourage critical thinking

Getting the most from student speaking

Providing chances for students to practice their speaking is all very well, but what else can we do to ensure students make the most of these opportunities? In this session, we’ll explore the unsung art of modelling, predict output and see how this can help with feedback, and look at how to ensure we respond in an engaging, principled way.

Hugh Dellar 

is a London-based teacher and teacher trainer with over twenty-five years’ experience in the field. He has taught all ages and levels, both in the UK and also in Indonesia, where he lived for four years. He worked for University of Westminster for 18 years, but now co-runs a materials and teacher development company, Lexical Lab. He is the co-author of two five-level General English series, Innovations and Outcomes, and one level of the recent Perspectives high-school series, all published by National Geographic Learning. He has also written numerous papers and articles for a range of ELT publications and the best-selling blockbuster Teaching Lexically.

Hugh has given teacher training and development sessions in over twenty countries including Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Italy, Japan and Thailand. He has spoken on such wide-ranging topics as the nature of English as a Lingua Franca, the uses and abuses of corpora, approaches to teaching grammar and vocabulary, as well as many others.